You've Been On My Mind--The Collected Original Songs of Peter Scales Vol. 2

by Peter Scales

Released 01/02/2016
Released 01/02/2016
20 original folk, country/Americana, and light jazz tunes written from 1974-1998 that sound like they could be on Sirius XM's The Bridge (mellow folk-rock) or Coffeehouse (singer-songwriter) stations

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You've Been On My Mind is my NEW collection of original songs written and recorded from 1974-1998.  You can stream all 20 songs. Check it out on the Songs page!

Passing Circumstances is a 2-CD collection of my original songs, written and recorded from 1972-2002, from when I was 22 to 52. One disc is pop-jazz and the other folk-acoustic. The cover shot here is me playing on a typical cold & cloudy Syracuse, NY day in 1973, perched on my guitar case in Thornden Park overlooking the Syracuse campus. I'd go up there to play outdoors whenever I could...

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